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The power of positive associations


Imma gonna leap for joy!

I believe it to be widely understood that a positive attitude will get you very far in life.  Or, as my cynical side chimes in, it will lessen the blow from all of the crap you’re dealing with.

Today, I spent a bit of time thinking about how our associations influence our actions.  I struggle with motivation every . . . freaking . . . day.  I’d say that 75% of my time is spent wasted, which is a bit sad.  I find a goal I like, get really excited about it, but in about three weeks the enthusiasm has fizzled (if it even lasted that long).  I would like to be a more driven, motivated person, but where do I pull that from?

I have a list of goals I would like to accomplishments, but no steam to keep me going.  I try to be positive but some days, I just fall so far from the mark it becomes that much harder to pick up the slack and keep going.

This afternoon, it hit me: for me, it’s my friends.  My friends, my boyfriend, my colleagues at work.  When THEY are inspired, encouraged and motivated, it rubs off on me.  It seems so simple, but why have I never thought of this before?  (By the way, it’s also very frustrating to realize that this revelation might mean that my parents were right all that time they were yakking about getting involved with kids that weren’t ‘good for [me]’ — mostly those kids were unmotivated, not especially driven, and apathetic.)

Lately I’ve been hanging out with a lot of smart, driven young professionals.  My volunteer work with a local city council campaign has me working closely with a lot of really awesome people who are excited about getting involved, who want to make change happen and who are committed to their ideas.  This is beyond motivating as I’m looking at my life, seeing where I’m stalling and noticing that there are some big changes that need to be made.

But the changes in my life that need making will bring me closer to my goals, will keep me more accountable, and will make me “well” in so many ways.  I won’t be tired because I’m eating poorly and exercising little.  I will be stronger because I’m climbing more and running many miles. I will be engaged at work because I can pour myself into projects.  I will be a better friend, girlfriend, and daughter because I will have energy and enthusiasm for my relationships.

It’s wellness on a broad level, but it’s still being well.



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Well, I have been standing at the edge of this blogging cliff wondering how on earth I’m ever going to get this off the ground.  I’m inspired by Caitlin (, Matt ( and Rachel (, not to mention the dozens of other blogs I follow that are fabulous and intimidating all at the same time.

I want to reach out to people, provide good information about what being “well” means (on all levels) and chronicle my own journey into reaching a greater level of wellness (I won’t lie – for me this includes a frame that is lightened by about 30 pounds).

But baby steps, right?  I’m armed with the internet, great inspiration, a desire to do this, and the knowledge that not every post is going to be inspiring/rich in information/awesome/funny/etc., but that’s what the “delete” feature is for, right?

I guess there’s some introducing to do — any reader will obviously get to know me as time goes on, but for now, we’ll start at the most basic level . . .

I love reading, running, cooking and Jesus.  I would be somewhat lost without coffee, I think.  My boyfriend’s name is Alex – and no, you can’t have him.  I’m a lover of many kinds of music.  I don’t believe in “quick fixes” (mostly because I’ve probably tried every one in the book — only to demonstrate that they do not work), but I do believe in a bubble bath and a glass of wine.  I’m a vegetarian, but eat a predominantly vegan diet.  In the Great Debate between Cake and Pie, I’m Team Pie.

So here goes nothing, right?

Inaugural post

Eeeep!  I’m stoked . . . Here it is — a blank page, a fresh start, a chance to put my message out there.

Lately I’ve been itching to start a wellness blog.  I had ideas to do one professionally (I work for a hospital), but it wasn’t really the right angle our department was looking for.  No hurt feelings, I’ll just do it myself.  I’ve always been a bit defiant, but in that not-really-bad, just-doin’-it-my-way kind of way.  You follow?  Right.

So what’s a semi-seasoned blogger to do?  Start a new blog — one with a goal.

I don’t know how this will evolve, but I’m excited to start.  Here’s to a new foray into blogging and to finding my way to wellness.