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Well, I have been standing at the edge of this blogging cliff wondering how on earth I’m ever going to get this off the ground.  I’m inspired by Caitlin (, Matt ( and Rachel (, not to mention the dozens of other blogs I follow that are fabulous and intimidating all at the same time.

I want to reach out to people, provide good information about what being “well” means (on all levels) and chronicle my own journey into reaching a greater level of wellness (I won’t lie – for me this includes a frame that is lightened by about 30 pounds).

But baby steps, right?  I’m armed with the internet, great inspiration, a desire to do this, and the knowledge that not every post is going to be inspiring/rich in information/awesome/funny/etc., but that’s what the “delete” feature is for, right?

I guess there’s some introducing to do — any reader will obviously get to know me as time goes on, but for now, we’ll start at the most basic level . . .

I love reading, running, cooking and Jesus.  I would be somewhat lost without coffee, I think.  My boyfriend’s name is Alex – and no, you can’t have him.  I’m a lover of many kinds of music.  I don’t believe in “quick fixes” (mostly because I’ve probably tried every one in the book — only to demonstrate that they do not work), but I do believe in a bubble bath and a glass of wine.  I’m a vegetarian, but eat a predominantly vegan diet.  In the Great Debate between Cake and Pie, I’m Team Pie.

So here goes nothing, right?


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