A slower start.

I need to flex my blogging muscles . . . I’ve been stalling, lingering and flipping back and forth over whether or not I’d like to follow through with this blog.

I do.  I want to.  I guess I’ve just balked at the idea of putting something out there that I can’t keep up with.  In the interest of not stretching myself too thin, I think I’ll set a preliminary goal of two or three posts per week.  I can always post more frequently, but until I find the niche that I really want to be in, I know I shouldn’t overdo it.

I’ve just started training for a full marathon in October, which is exciting, to say the least.  I’m also climbing more consistently, which is good and fun.  Granted, I’m not exactly flying up the walls (still working on my fear of heights stemming from an accident where I fell about 12 feet), but I’m slowly progressing and each time I climb, I know I’m getting closer and closer to one day lead climbing (a slightly terrifying someday-goal of mine).

Currently, I’m working on a vision board . . . one that will have loads of pictures of all of the wonderful things I want in life — to cultivate good relationships, to become a better blogger (being more consistent is going to do wonders for that one, I think), and to one day run the Boston Marathon.  Currently, I run a 12:30 mile pace, so clearly we’ve got work to do, but if I put it on my vision board I really do have faith that I’ll make that happen.

So here’s to starting . . . again.  Bear with me folks, I’m a work in well-purposed progress.


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