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After two days of running — Monday was a good, long run after several non-running days and yesterday was a desperate attempt at a run with a slightly sore hamstring and serious sleep deprivation — I decided to take tonight off.  Today’s temperatures crept into the 90’s, so I knew it would be pretty warm to run after work anyway.

I would love to be one of those people who can get up at 5 am and crank out several miles before they even head to work, but I just don’t know if that’s possible. Of course I know it’s possible, but somewhere deep down I am hardwired to think that morning workouts are a drag, that I’ll never be able to do them (even though I know that’s a lie), and on some level, I’m sure I just don’t want to try.

Two days of exercise in a row and I’m recognizing my need to slow down, embrace challenge and accept that I’m not going to be able to run five miles, climb for an hour, do Pilates and an hour of yoga each day. One day at a time, Robyn. Baby steps.

I’m choosing to listen to my body and take a day off. I really pushed myself this week and I know that if I were to run tonight, I would end up grouchy, resentful and would probably quit before I really got started. I know myself well enough to say that my current level of fitness doesn’t leave me craving workouts (yet!).  I refuse to be defeated, though, and tomorrow’s a new day . . .

Tonight I’m cozy on the couch, enjoying my oscillating fan (no AC in my apartment) and watching reruns of Without a Trace. It’s good to rest — tomorrow will be a tough day.  Who knows – maybe I’ll even run in the morning.

(But I probably won’t.)


2 responses to “Rested

  1. I took a 5am spinning class once. And only once.

  2. Haha. I can relate! I “tried” be become a morning workout person and it only lasts, at the most, a few weeks. While I can wake up early, I prefer my morning time to be quiet and calm…not rushing to the gym. Props for listening to your body. Rest days are just as important as run day!

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