Choose that attitude!

So this is how I WANTED to respond. (Don't worry - I didn't.)

In a fleeting moment of insanity, I asked my friend, Jackie, to take on Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred as an August challenge – 30 days of pushing, grunting, and working hard and hoping for some noticeable results. For me, I’m hoping to set some good habits about being consistent with my strength training as I’m working on training for a marathon.

When I trained for the Big Sur International Marathon last year, I was inconsistent with my training and I almost never strength trained. It showed in my form, my overall shape and fitness level, and in the injuries I gave myself in the process.

This morning, a nosy know-it-all butted in as I told a friend about this challenge I’m taking on to tell me that I’m going to injure myself, that I shouldn’t exercise like that each day, that I’m doing more harm than good. Talk about putting a pin in my balloon! I was instantly put into a position of having to defend myself and my choices in how I plan on reaching my healthier lifestyle.

Even after the discussion was over, I still felt that bitter taste in my mouth – the one where you know you didn’t say something you know would have gotten your point across because you’re trying to be tactful and I really felt like I had a sour attitude for it.

So I elected to change my attitude.

Once upon a time in college, I read the Fish Philosophy and really thought about ‘choosing my attitude,’ so to speak. In a difficult situation, I could choose to gripe and whine about the circumstances, or I could choose to put a positive spin on things.

This morning, I’m putting that positive spin on things. Even though I’m exhausted from a late night and overslept my alarm, I choose to see that obviously, my body needed that extra rest (and I still made it to work on time, so no harm, no foul). In light of that tricky, sticky conversation, I choose not to be annoyed – it is motivating me to see this challenge through and prove to myself (and the know-it-all) that I can set good habits on my own and that I’m smart enough to listen to my body and stop when it hurts and keep going when I really just need to be tough.

So there you have it – I’m choosing my attitude.


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