Wow, I can’t believe how absent I’ve been from the blogosphere! I tuckered out quickly after that last post and following that, I came down with . . . the plague.

No, not the real plague – the kind with rats and fleas and boils the size of teacups. Just the kind that started as the telltale tickle in the back of my throat. The kind that left me praying that I’d just fallen asleep with my mouth open.

Alas, I had not and I progressively got sicker and sicker. Serious congestion, major coughing, and much time spent doing absolutely nothing other than trying to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide – which of course, was made more difficult by the congestion.

And now, I’m not so sick, but I do have bad news . . .

My 30 Day Shred Challenge? Yeah, that flew out the window when I realized that my plague was sufficiently kicking my butt. So here I am . . . back to square one.

But not yet.

Tomorrow, after a staff retreat for work, I’m leaving to go up to Reno where I will be camping for the next several days. Yeah, it was kind of a spontaneous trip, but hey . . . I need a vacation.

So . . . a brief, semi-vague update to let you know that no, I am not dead and that I’ll try to blog as soon as I get back with more details about the trip and whatnot.

Until then . . . 🙂


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