“I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.”

Pretty river next to our campsite.

Okay, that’s not exactly true, but I’m back! I’m alive! A bear didn’t eat me!

After a staff retreat in beautiful Moss Beach, I drove up to Reno, NV to visit Alex for a long weekend. On Saturday morning, we packed up, hit the grocery store and we were off to Blue Lakes on our first camping trip together (and first camping trip period for me).

As a fairly pasty individual, I worry about sunscreen and properly shielding myself from the sun’s rays — I burn very easily — but I didn’t need to worry that first night. We arrived around 6:30, just after a thunderstorm had passed through and it was surprisingly cold and wet.

The cold temperatures (Alex and I each hunkered down in our sleeping bags underneath three blankets and we STILL ended up pulling the dog close for warmth) and some minor hiccups with our lantern meant we drove back into town for some more supplies the next morning.The next few days though, it warmed and we relaxed around the campfire at night and spent our days playing cards, lounging on the lake’s beach, and playing with Alex’s very active dog, Cutie. (Yeah, that is her name.)

I was pretty surprised at how the altitude affected me. I mean, I’m a fairly active girl — I’m training for a marathon and I love to climb, hike, etc. — but at 7,000 feet, everything seemed to leave me winded those first 48 hours. All the fresh air and sun-tiredness meant going to bed at sundown and waking up pretty early — but I was having a blast!

Cutie, the co-pilot.

Before we left, Alex asked me, “Um, babe? What do vegetarians eat on camping trips?” Beats me. Normal food? Dinners were pretty hearty — thick, hearty tomato soup; veggie wraps; and vegetarian chili — and breakfast and lunch were pretty simple — who doesn’t love oatmeal and sandwiches?

I could wax poetic about how much I loved the outdoorsy experience, but I feel the need to make a confession: after three days sans-shower, I had kind of a mini-meltdown. Alex thought this was endearing and kind of cute, but “the flies [were] giving me a complex!” I sobbed. Warm weather, my lack of outdoors experience and our proximity to water meant those ‘flies’ were actually mosquitoes, but to me, it made no difference. I felt yucky, I felt gross, and I wanted a bath, goshdarnit!!!

A four-day, three-night camping trip might have been a bit ambitious an attempt, according to Alex, for a girl who is so completely NOT used to having to do without running water and the creature comforts of jumping in the shower after I’ve gotten sweaty, dirty, or otherwise a little less than squeaky-clean. All in all, I think I handled well with fresh water, a cook stove and an abundance of baby wipes — but let’s face it, it’s just not the same as a nice, hot shower.

I am looking forward to camping again, though. 🙂 Other vacation happenings: getting lost in Reno a few times, first trip to Qdoba (like Chipotle, but not quite the same), and putt-putt!!! I got my first hole-in-one, too. Alex nearly jumped out of his skin when I got it and squealed loudly with excitement.  Funny enough, we ended up tying in spite of all of my “gonna-kick-your-butt-at-putt-putt” trash talking. Ironic?

What was your last vacation like? Where did you go?


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