The Rock-out Workout

Alex and me - pre-rock-out workout. Note how intact my hair is now. Not so much afterwards.

I am by no means a doctor, dietician, nutritionist or physical trainer. I am not an expert in anything, except perhaps in how to ruin your sleep cycle or which flip flops will suit your day-to-day activities best, but I would be remiss to not pass on this bit of wisdom . . .

Last night, I learned that you can work out while you rock out.

Now, I’m not talking about a new playlist for your iPod (though we all know how helpful those are) — I’m talking about using an actual concert in place of your trip to the gym. Are you confused? Don’t be — I’ll embellish.

I’m calling it the Rock-Out Workout and I’ve devised a few strategy points to remember if you’d like to try it out yourself.

1. Pick music you can really MOVE to.
No disrespect to Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones or Jack Johnson (all of whom I love and have seen in concert), but they’re not exactly the type of music I go for when I want to shake my booty — and I do like to shake my booty no matter how ridiculous I look. This weekend’s concert choice was Green Day . . . and they . . . were . . . FANTASTIC.

Love them, love them, love them.

2. Stand up and dance.
The best part of the concert last night was the energy. We had lawn seats at the Shoreline Amphitheatre so it was cool and became progressively more crowded — for a rock concert, being able to feed off of the intense energy of the performers and the crowd is a feeling like no other. I was pretty tired from a long run earlier that day, but as soon as my man took the stage, I was rockin’ pretty hard. Bouncing up and down (great for the calves on that incline, by the way), waving my arms and dancing for three hours.

3. Fuel yourself appropriately (or not).
Nutritional fact: a jumbo-sized bag of cotton candy has less than 200 calories in it. I picked up one of the $6 wonders and split it with Alex — fast, easy, sugary fuel. I may have contributed to the slow rotting of my intestines, but sugar rush + rock concert = pretty darn awesome. Beer helps too — but don’t mix beer and cotton candy. That’s not bonafide nutritional advice, that’s really more to spare your tastebuds. (The flavors don’t exactly mesh well.) Plus, you’ll only eat a third of the bag anyway — one bite for me, two for him . . . one bite for me, two for him . . .

Our seats were on the lawn - not amazing, but it was still a great show.

4. Go with someone who’ll enjoy it just as much as you will.
I LOVE Green Day. Alex LOVES Green Day. And of course, Alex and I love each other. Basically, it was one big love fest (okay, maybe that’s my would-be contact high talking). I am a big believer that concerts are experiences and you should experience them well. Go with someone who will have as much fun as you will — you’ll keep rockin’ hard, keep dancing all night and bounce up and down like schoolgirls (okay, that was me). My point is: you’ll have more longterm energy for your rock-out workout if you’re with someone who’ll be equally energized that can help motivate you.

5. Have FUN!
Concerts are great fun — I love going to as many as I can reasonably afford. Really, there’s something very special about seeing someone whose music you really love performing live. Even though I’m surrounded by thousands of people, some part of me feels like they’re playing just for me. Dorky, I know, but that’s exactly how I experience it.


The Rock-Out Workout definitely works your calves and gives you some fun, quality cardio. I really wore myself out working against gravity on the incline of the amphitheatre lawn, so much so that I really thought hard about giving Alex my keys so he could drive us home (it was midnight and I was exhausted — I would have found a way to snooze on the 15-minute drive).

Like I said, I’m not an expert, a trainer, or a dietician, but this seemed like a repeat-worthy practice for future concerts.

Concert tickets? $40
Beer and cotton candy? $30
Rockin’ out with your boyfriend/best-friend-of-almost-a-decade to a band you’ve both loved for almost 15 years? PRICELESS.

What is your favorite Green Day song? Do you have any fun concert stories?


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