Running on vacation


We will attempt a run in Fresno. No promises.


After a week that had “Could have been MUCH better” written all over it, I’m really looking for a long run this weekend . . . Except I’m going to be out of town. Normally, I love the trails at Rancho San Antonio Park, but this weekend, I’ll be tracking down some trails in the magical land of Fresno.

I’m not entirely looking forward to it, though — Fresno is hot, which means I’d have to get up pretty early (or wait until I’m home late tomorrow night), and and it’s a birthday celebration weekend, so there will likely be some drinking.

I’m making a  preemptive strike though and bringing my own water bottle which I intend to keep filled and drink from all weekend. If I don’t make it to a long run today or tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be fine to wait until Monday, but I’m trying not to get derailed on training anymore.

Healthy eating will be interesting — aren’t vacations a test in resolve, anyway? I’m keeping Rachel’s rules in mind as I head out.


One response to “Running on vacation

  1. Good luck!! It’s not easy, but just declaring that you’re going to do it always helps!

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