Five Things That Probably Don’t Make Me a Very Good Wellness Blogger

1. I am dehydrated sometimes.
Okay, a lot of the time . . . I’m honestly working on better hydration — I can feel it when I’m doing right by my body in this department — my skin, hair and energy levels are SO MUCH BETTER.

2. I overdo it with the caffeine.
This makes me very susceptible to energy highs and lows as it’s often coupled with a less-than-optimum amount of sleep (see below). I need at least 7 hours to function like a human. I need more than that to do it without caffeine. Anything less than 7 hours, though, has me pulling into Starbucks on my way to work without fail.

3. I don’t sleep enough.
This is a HUGE stumbling block for me. I have such a hard time not going to bed when I know I need it. I’m up reading, surfing blogs, chatting with Alex on the phone or otherwise procrastinating on actually doing something good for me — sleeping!!! Sleep is so crucial to overall wellness and I know I need to move this up on my priority list.

4. When I overdo it, I overdo it.
When I fall off the proverbial wagon, I fall pretty hard. Saturday night was a spa night with cocktails with one of my best friends. We made something new, something we’ve dubbed a Pineapple Princess (recipe to come, but the gist is pineapple juice + sprite + lotsavodka).  Well, I had a few . . . if we’re loosely defining ‘a few’ as ‘five.’ Not exactly large drinks, but more than any advocate of “moderation” would accept. Whoops.

5. When I’m tired, I wanna sit on my butt.
Sorry I’m not sorry for this, but after a stressful day, I like going for a run. On other more stressful/exhausting/draining days, I like to self-soothe on the couch . . . with reruns of Law & Order: SVU or Without a Trace as I’m sipping a glass of wine and mindlessly surfing the internet.

There you have ’em. My dirty little secrets. I’m hoping these will become less frequently seen habits of mine, but for now, they’re what make me . . . me. They may not make me a good health/wellness blogger, but I’m also a work in progress. After all, I’m well-purposed . . . not well-perfect.


6 responses to “Five Things That Probably Don’t Make Me a Very Good Wellness Blogger

  1. Hmm, I think you a great wellness blogger, because of the fact that you admit these things and they are all apart of a healthy living. I don’t see healthy living as being perfect 100% of the time – that’s bound to drive you crazy. I reading about real human beings who find a balance despite some set-backs. And yeah, I’m guilty of a few of these myself 🙂

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more on #1! It’s actually something I’m working on *reallllllly hard* today. Now that it’s a little cooler outside, I’ve been skimping on my H2O. And I can definitely feel it in my tummy (not enough water makes me super blaoted)!

    I agree with Maria–we are real humans, and imperfection is beautiful : )

    • Getting enough water really can be hard. I started keeping a water bottle at my desk (I’m NOT allowed to take it home under any circumstances) to try to be better about this, but if I don’t keep it in my line of vision (so, near my monitor), it’s like . . . “out of sight, out of mind.” Drat.

  3. Love your blog and love that you can admit these things to your readers; we appreciate it! ❤

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