Procrastinate now!


Git'er done!

Or rather, don’t. That’s what they tell you to do, right? Get things done early, before deadline, don’t dilly-dally . . . Blah. Sometimes, it feels good to put something off. Or maybe it just feels good to get it done when you’re finally ready.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I try not to be, I do my best to get things done on time, but when I really, really don’t want to do something, I drag my heels a bit. I lollygag, to use my mother’s expression. In college, I occasionally (erm, usually) waited until just a few days (and in all honesty, occasionally just a few hours) before a paper was due to get started on it.

“I write better under pressure!”

I’ll go halfway on that one . . . Most of the essays I wrote were good. Some were excellent and the excellent ones were almost always the ones I started earlier on, but that wasn’t always the case. Not to toot my own horn, but I scored a nearly perfect analytical writing score on my GREs — timed writing. That’s writing under pressure, and apparently I did it well. (Or maybe the grader was drunk.)

I digress . . . (Or maybe I’m just procrastinating on getting to the point?)

Some days, I’m overloaded and filled up with a lack of energy for tasks and chores and things I’d really rather not do in that moment. While I try to suck it up, make like Nike and “just do it,” sometimes it feels so much better to put it off than begrudgingly try to get it done.

But tomorrow I’m tackling the chores that need to get done, that should be taken care of, that haven’t been touched in a while — taking the recycling (my porch looks like a frat party just happened), getting new tires, renewing my lease, taking old clothes to Goodwill.

But as lame as all that sounds, I couldn’t be giddier to finally cross those things off my list.


One response to “Procrastinate now!

  1. This post may have helped me get some shizz done this weekend, so thank you! I finally got my oil changed, got my yearly exam, did ALL the laundry, and cleaned our apartment. Now I can go back to procrastinating for awhile. 🙂

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