Because every girl needs standards.


candy corn

Pretty sure you could power a car with this stuff. Nasty!


I have always considered myself an equal-opportunity food taster, which has led to some rather interesting habits and ‘isms’ over the years. My mommy taught me early on that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at something you’ve never tried — an adage I have taken quite seriously throughout my life.

But some things I just cannot palate and there are some things I just cannot do when it comes to eating. I try not to think of myself as a hater, but some things are just not meant to be enjoyed by everyone and a girl’s gotta have her standards.

Recently, Katie asked about her readers’ “food quirks,” citing her aversion to blue M&M’s and her hubby’s affinity for brown bananas as examples. It got my wheels turning and got the coffee pot percolating and as a result, I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but it’s time to do some cathartic confessing.

I truly, deeply, passionately HATE candy corn. And I mean really, really HATE it. I won’t touch it. I can’t explain the aversion — I used to enjoy it quite a bit as a kid. As an adult? Nope, sorry. Just can’t do it. If it were between candy corn and a pile of dirt, I’d choose the dirt. (Now, as Halloween is almost upon us, I should confess that my strategy at work is to keep a large bowl full of candy corn — that way everyone else eats it and I’m not even tempted. Wicked or brilliant? Your call.)

I love the flavor of pears — but I still won’t eat them. It’s a texture thing. Eating pears is like eating syrupy-sweet sand, to me. Gross. One day, I do hope I get over this.

I eat green bananas. Green. Not yellow with freckles, not yellow with green tinges . . . Green. I think I get this from my mom. She only eats green bananas because she says that yellow ones are “just too sweet.” There isn’t a whole lot that I 100% agree with my mom on, but this is one of those things. (Sidenote: My boyfriend told me shortly after we started dating that the fact that I eat green bananas was his favorite thing about me — he loves ’em too. Clearly, a match made in heaven.)

On a similar topic of sugary things I won’t touch: mint chocolate anything. No Andes mints, no mint chip ice cream, no Ghirardelli chocolate squares with a “hint o’ mint.” No . . . freaking . . . way. My boyfriend (who loves candy corn) doesn’t understand. “It’s so good!” he pleas. Don’t get me wrong, I like chocolate. I even like mint. But eating them together is just so wrong — you wouldn’t scarf a bar of chocolate and then go brush your teeth, would you? (Okay, maybe if you were going to the dentist and wanted to pull a fast one, but still . . .) You wouldn’t. Because chocolate is delicious and you should savor the flavor. End of story.

Other foods that induce gagging: Swiss cheese, licorice (both varieties — the black stuff tastes nasty and the red stuff? well, that’s not technically licorice and it tastes like plastic regardless), ham (not that it matters anymore – I’m a vegetarian now), and coleslaw.

But on to the ‘isms’ . . .

I only eat one food on my plate at a time. If I’m eating soup and bread, soup first and then bread. If my plate has three things on it, I eat them one at a time. Don’t ask me why, I just can’t mix-n-match, so to speak. My dad thinks it’s incredibly bizarre — “It all goes in the same place!” he cries. No, no, no. I mean, yes, it does, mixing the foods in my mouth is just beyond weird to me. The textures and tastes melding together . . . I’ll pass. (I was that kid that really enjoyed sectioned lunch trays in school.)

“Hello, my name is Robyn and I’m an ice-a-holic.” Seriously. Love to crunch ice. Believe me, I know it’s bad for my teeth — so don’t even go there. But I just can’t help it. I love the cold and crunchy. I even have a mental list of fast food places with “good ice.” (Seriously. Sonic is best. Trust me on this.)

Any time is a good time for something spicy. If I can put Tapatio or Cholula on it, I probably will. Sometimes I regret this, but those few minutes of, “Oh, God, what was I thinking?!” are quickly quelled by “Oh, God, this tastes SO GOOD!”

I will put black pepper on EVERYTHING. Unless it is meant to be sweet, it gets pepper on it. I almost never salt my food, but I regularly crust different foods with a healthy dose of pepper.

Okay. Shameless lifecasting done with. Something meaty tomorrow.

What about you? What foods top your list of things you just cannot possibly eat? Any strange and fabulously quirky habits about food? Spill it!


12 responses to “Because every girl needs standards.

  1. Ahahaha! I am the same way about ice! My mom agrees – once she called me and said, “Oh you will never believe the ice I had today – so good!”. And I totally understood her. As a child, I’d ask for snow cones, get this, without the syrup. Healthy living blogger in the making?

  2. I love this! You obviously already know my quirks, but I’ll add that I also dislike chocolate-mint products. I used to really like them and then one day they just totally started grossing me out. Weird!

    I think it’s funny that you like your bananas exactly the opposite of the way my Hubs does! πŸ™‚

  3. Syrup is one of my few vices…
    Loved the post πŸ™‚

    ❀ Kel

  4. I truly, deeply, passionately LOVE candy corn.(hence, to me your plan would be wicked)

    I love the flavor of watermelon but I won’t eat it because of the texture.

    I only like bananas with lots of brown spots.

    York peppermint patties are amazing

    I agree with you about Swiss cheese (although it’s growing on me, and coleslaw)

  5. Ick, I really dislike candy corn too! Honestly, the only halloween candy I really enjoyed growing up was reeses. I would trade all my candy for them!

    I really can’t do chocolate and mint either…

    I don’t like any melon

    Also hate licorice, especially black!

    Growing up I only ate greener bananas but now I can do the more ripe ones in oatmeal.

    Great post lady!

  6. I only like peaches when they are fresh. Anything peach flavored disgusts me: jams, flavored teas, lotions, soaps – not that I’m eating those last two!

  7. I eat “in circles” – one bite of chicken, one bite of veggies, one bite of pasta…around and around and around until I’m down to one bite left of each. Then I pick which one I want to be my “last bite” and eat the others first. My husband thinks it’s silly how I stress over which one is my favorite and should be saved for last!

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