The baggy

I'm not 135 -- not by a long shot -- but maybe someday I'll be closer to that. I think my happy weight is about 140.

I’m losing weight? I’m LOSING weight?! Whoa!

About a month ago, I started the Eat to Live plan with one of my best friends. The diet part was pretty straightforward — LOADS of vegetables, plenty of fruit, and healthy amounts and sources of protein, with limits on starches and grains and absolutely no meat/dairy. I gotta say, I was pretty stoked — I had energy, felt good, and I never once went hungry. But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve definitely strayed from the designated path — letting some half & half fall into my coffee, occasionally reaching for an Oreo as they’re left out on the counter at work . . . but this morning, my jeans were baggy. Are baggy.

These jeans, purchased just two months ago, fit then without being snug . . . but now? I’m having to hike them up when I stand. When I pull the top away from my hips, I can clearly see my undies. It feels awesome. But I haven’t stepped on a scale in weeks . . . I really have no idea what I’ve lost (if anything, I could be in that gaining muscle stage too) and I’m surprisingly okay with that . . .

I still eat a load of vegetables, take in healthy fats and proteins and I’m going to the gym because I enjoy the activities I’ve been doing (spin, climbing, running, yoga) — not because I feel obligated to do so. I haven’t hit the weights as much (okay, haven’t hit them at all), but if climbing isn’t strength training, I don’t know what is. Maybe I’ll do weights tonight . . . for kicks. 😉

Anyway . . . I feel healthy, I feel good about myself and my body, and it’s starting to show on the outside, too . . . which is really the icing on the cake, right? 🙂

Happy Friday!


5 responses to “The baggy

  1. Hey got any info you can pass on the Eat to Live plan? I need a better eating plan.

    • Totally. Basically, it’s a strict vegan diet for at least six weeks. It’s actually pretty interesting — you can have a cup of beans/tofu, several pieces of fruit, minimal grains, up to a pound of cooked veggies and a pound of raw veggies (it actually says you can have an unlimited amount, if you’d like). So basically, the moral of the story is : eat your veggies, eat a ton of them. I really like it because it got me focused on basing my diet around vegetables, not a bunch of other stuff and then some vegetables. Check it out at the library if you can — “Eat to Live” is by Dr. Joel Furhmann.

  2. Good for you! It’s nice to feel like you have more energy, and feel the success of your healthy diet changes.

  3. Love this post, but I can’t see the photo you included. 😦 Congrats on the baggy jeans — shopping spree soon?

  4. Yay! For you! That is so exciting. I remember when my jeans first became baggy – it felt great. I switched to a healthier lifestyle at the beginning if the year which included becoming a vegetarian and exercising. I now eat a lot of raw foods instead of cooked and I have _never _ felt this good before… Lost 40 pounds in the process (my happy weight is 140 too!)

    Keep being awesome and hope you find a fabulous new pair of jeans 🙂

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