The Thanksgiving Hangover

While many got boozy and schmoozy with family and friends and those funny relatives that you’re not sure are really family but you’ve been taught to call them Aunt/Uncle/Grammy/Whatever all your life, my family’s Thanksgiving festivities were a bit more low key. Just the four of us, we got busy in the kitchen whippin’ up deliciousness. I am always in charge of the cranberry sauce, and this year, I tried Mama Pea’s recipe — with many praises (this year, I am thankful for Mama Pea and her delightful recipes and stories).

I wouldn’t expect any sort of tryptophan-induced hangover this year (it is my second vegetarian Thanksgiving), but I did anticipate eating a lot . . . Boy, did I eat a lot. But even though I’ve read page after page of magazines/blogs/books/whatever offering up information and advice on how to not stuff myself silly or ruin fitting into anything without an elastic waist, it still happens sometimes. And that’s okay. When it comes to Thanksgiving, Nancy Reagan may have been wrong — you cannot “just say ‘no'” to your mother’s made-from-scratch apple pie.

But you can regroup.

Today, I remedied my stretched out tummy with small portions spread throughout the day. I drank lots of water to undo some of the dehydration of several glasses of wine (and a few beers . . . but who’s counting?) . . . and . . . I went for a run.

It was not a fast run . . . it was not a long run . . . but it was a run. I went for a run. And that’s gotta count for something, right?

More tomorrow, but for now, I’m putting my face in a pie plate . . . Hope everyone had a wonderful Hug-A-Turkey Day!!! May your Thanksgiving holiday be full of family, friends and plenty of vegetarian side dishes. Cheers!


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