20,160 minutes

Two weeks…

– Half marathon (finished in 3:28:55 — I thought this was pretty awesome because the course was all hills and MUD! Tricky, tricky, tricky…)

– Back to work (I got waaaaaaay to used to staying up until 3, sleeping until 12)

– Back to not eating so much crap (watched some amazing documentaries that really challenged how I view my diet… but more about this later)

– Back to pretending to have time to read (ooohh, boy, we gotta work on this… I used to be an avid reader… now I’m lucky if I read 3 pages of the magazines that keep arriving in my mailbox)

– Back to realizing that for all of my efforts, significant change happens one day at a time (and much to my chagrin, my positive, can-do attitude is good for the long haul, but won’t lose me 20 lbs. overnight)

– Back to work…


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