February Yoga Challenge

I’ve been looking, scanning, scouring for tips and tricks to get myself more motivated to be a little more consistent in my yoga practice. I love me some yoga, but struggle to make it a regular part of my routine… I’ve been interested in trying out hot yoga as well, but haven’t yet made it happen.

As fate would have it, a Groupon landed in my inbox last week — 25 yoga classes at Be Yoga for $25. WHOA! Since many drop-in classes at yoga studios are around $15-20 a piece, this was a steal — if I go once, it pretty much pays for itself. And the perk? Many of their classes are heated yoga classes, too! While I’m more interested in trying Bikram (hot) yoga, I think this will challenge me to try a more intense, decidedly-heated atmosphere before I jump into this challenge at some point. (Go big or go home, right?)

Heather recently posted about her yogaversary and mentioned a month-long challenge she did several months ago and what she gained from it. I really felt inspired reading that, and since February is American Heart Month, I have decided to embrace the heart-healthiness of yoga and challenge myself to a month (albeit a short one) of daily yoga in honor of heart health awareness.

Stay tuned… and namaste.


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