Heart-healthy garbanzo bean soup

You really should check out Angela's blog -- her pictures are much prettier. 🙂

February is American Heart Month and you can expect several heart health-related posts coming up at WellPurposed. Yesterday while perusing Angela’s blog, I found something that made me semi-audibly squeal — garbanzo bean soup.

While the name may not seem all that thrilling, for the hummus lover that I am (Angela shares the affinity, too), I think the best comparison was made by Angela herself, who “concluded that this was basically hummus in soup form.”

I can get behind that. You can find the original recipe, here, but I followed Angela’s modified version (linked at the beginning of the post) and found it too be almost-too-tasty-to-stop-eating.


The best thing about this recipe is just how healthful it really is– I used reduced-sodium broth and found it to still be very flavorful. I do what I can not to eat too much salt, but I did sprinkle a bit o’ sea salt on top when finished and it was just dandy. Add this to your must-try list — garbanzo beans are a low-cholesterol, low-fat, high-protein food and when blended, they have a creamy, delicious consistency that makes for good spreads and dips.

Do your heart a favor — give garbanzo beans a try! And don’t forget — wear red tomorrow!

What’s your favorite soup?


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