Why It Matters Wednesday: Aches and Pains


I'd hate to be on the sideline of the Big Sur Marathon watching everyone pass me... Callin' the doc tomorrow.

I’m an off-and-on tough chick. Achy stuff — headaches, back aches, stiff muscles — I’ll ride it out sans Tylenol. But sick stuff? I’m a total wuss.

So that knee injury from my birthday? Well, it’s still stickin’ around… in interesting ways. I don’t notice it unless I’m trying to sit criss-cross-applesauce (remember the days when we called it Indian style?) or if I’m kneeling. At that point (more so with kneeling than crossing my leg or tucking my foot underneath me), there’s a pressure pain in the back of the knee. It’s not excruciating, but it is pretty uncomfortable. I can run, jump and climb trees without pain… but if I kneel? Well, I quickly decide not to kneel after all.

Initially I freaked out about this injury — I thought I’d torn my meniscus. But as it felt better, felt fine, felt great — I stopped paying attention.

Aches and pains teach us a lot about our bodies and what our limits are — really, it’s silly to ignore a nagging pain, especially when the discomfort is felt so specifically and many weeks later (my birthday was almost a month ago). I will be making an appointment with my doc soon — I don’t know what this will accomplish, she may just tell me I’m crazy, but I want to rule out anything that will keep me from running Big Sur.

How do you decide to see a doc?

1. The pain is localized, intense, and/or only hurts during specific activities and lasts more than 48 hours.
2. Swelling lasts for more than 48 hours.
3. Pain occurs in a joint — not just muscle aches.
4. Something just feels “off.”

That last one is really to drive home the point that you know your body better than any blogger, WebMD page, or the Mayo Clinic ever could — listen to it… now go call your doc if you’re hurtin’.

Any injury stories you’d care to share? Has there ever been a time when your intuition proved right with an injury?


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